Parallel Economy

Parallel Economy

An economy where money does not exit? Unbelievable? No it isn’t!

There are thousands of these systems surrounding us: For example when a college helps you to solve your homework and you help him to repair a gadget, than you trade with him without using money. Another example is the typical association of neighbors that provides help with cleaning, shopping, gardening, etc.

Today special platforms in the internet adopted these models of trade without money.

One of these platforms is the „Tauschring Berlin Mitte“.

Once you have created an account on the website of Tauschring Berlin Mitte you can start enquiring or offering  services. The Tauschring credits the person, who sells the service, with the time he spends for it. The buyer pays with the time he get credited for other activities before.

These parallel economies make it possible for person with small funds, to buy stuff paying with their own workforce.

We think, this is pretty social and therefore we range parallel economy among our five categories of social entrepreneurship.


2 Kommentare zu “Parallel Economy

  1. Hi Franzi,

    how interesting is that? I directly went to their homepage to look this matter up! What a great idea! However, their web-presence is awful..

    Have you used this platform?

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