Social Entrepreneurship in Australia

Back in July 2009 I was sitting in a bar in Berlin with my close friend Lloyd Nash where we were talking about aims in life. Lloyd then told me he wants to „leave a footprint on Global Health issues“. It sounded like a very ambitious goal to me, but this man makes his way…

Currently Lloyd is involved in the Global Ideas forum an event, which provides a platform for young medical professionals dealing with global health issues.

Although awareness for global health issues is on the rise, Lloyd and his fellows see little support for those you want to incorporate global health practice into their career. This is why the set up the Global health forum.

According to their website the set up the following agenda for the event:

–       Educate early-career health graduates and professionals about issues and innovations in global health

–       Inspire and equip health graduates and professionals to take global health action, in communities local and abroad

–       Provide a forum for the presentation of projects and achievements in global health

–       Forge networks and connections to assist health graduates and professionals to create pathways and reduce barriers to taking global health action

–   Facilitate the generation, refinement and implementation of ideas and initiatives in global health

Besides famous speakers like Sir Gustav Nossal, the event will be also organized in interactive workshops to integrate every participant.

For more information please check out Global Ideas!

I wish Lloyd and his fellows a successful event and lots of awareness for their emerging ideas at the global health forum.

PS: Thanks Lloyd for giving me the malaria prophylaxes back then in Cambodia. That was the first time you proofed to me that you are a responsible global citizen who cares about global health 🙂


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