How SMS can stop the trade with counterfeit drugs

Today I want to present you a smart solution for a problem occurring often in developing countries such as India. I am talking about counterfeit drugs.

Caused through the emerging markets the structures of  enterprises worldwide become more and more unclear and often obscure for outstanding people. They tend to have longer supply chains and to produce their ingredients overseas. The United States for example are said to produce 80% of the ingredients used for drugs abroad. This make it easy for the counterfeit industry to gain power.

“About 20% of the drugs sold in India are fake.” said Forbes.

Additionally the trade with counterfeit drugs is very lucrative, the industry captures about $75 billion each year:

“1kg of counterfeit Viagra generates a profit which is hundred times higher than the profit a 1kg cocaine generates.”

PharmaSecure took care of this problem and developed a “product unit-level identification system”. Read more!